Bitmates- Best Blockchain Game

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Bitmates- Best Blockchain Game

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Bitmates, where monkeys reign supreme! This massively multiplayer online (MMO) game allows you to explore vast lands, gather resources, and interact with other players, creating a unique and engaging experience.

Bitmates is an expansive world where players can complete missions, gather resources, craft valuable items, fight challenging bosses, and hang out with friends! In Bitmates, players take on the role of their digital collectibles: 10,000 virtual primates living on the Ethereum blockchain. By owning one of these, players get exclusive benefits like early access to the MMO and virtual land airdrops.

The Camp serves as a holding pen where you can have limited interactions with your Bitmate. By interacting with and feeding your Bitmate, you can earn friendship points, which enable you to teach your Monke words/phrases and also set/change their nickname. However, please note that there are cool-down periods for each interaction, including Feed (24 hours), Socialize (48 hours), and Play (120 hours).

There are seven primary regions in the game, and every Bitmate is from a primary region. Additionally, there are 21 sub-regions in the game, each within a primary region, with 6,008 out of 10,000 Bitmates residing in a sub-region. You can use Atlas to check where your Bitmate is from and claim land in the regions.

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Bitmates- Best Blockchain Game

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