DeepMine- Best Blockchain Game

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DeepMine- Best Blockchain Game

DeepMine is a Play-2-Earn NFT Sci-Fi metaverse game featuring a sophisticated and diversified economics with the gameplay motivating players to cooperate and interact with each other. The pinnacle of the game is an economic model that implies continuous assets and services trading between the players, stimulating the liquidity of in-game assets and tokens.

The project is built on WAX blockchain with assets traded on AtomicHub and internal marketplaces. The project has already launched the NFT-staking portal for the first NFT drop participants where they can receive rewards in DeepMine governance token. Additional pre-launch functions like Auctions and internal Store are finished and will be launched immediately after TGE and second NFT drop.

Game is set in the Sci-Fi metaverse with the events unfolding on a planet Eleazar in a distant future with humanity on the brink of extinction. There are no stars left to provide energy, so the players’ goal is to get to the Core of the planet that emits energy in the form of DME (DeepMine Energy token).

Sophisticated game economy with multiple variables allows building concomitant projects upon DeepMine that will evolve the game into a proper metaverse experience.

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DeepMine- Best Blockchain Game

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