RoboHero- Best Blockchain Game

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RoboHero- Best Blockchain Game

RoboHero is a P2E mobile game for Android and iOS. Enter the metaverse of the year 31337 and start your journey! Fight for the ROBO token in PvE and PvP mode. Become a land and billboard owner in the metaverse to be rewarded. Trade the NFT skins and items on our Marketplace.

There are no entry barriers! Take advantage of the Watch2Earn app available here and be rewarded with SCRAP points for watching ads. The proper number of SCRAP allows you to get your first playable character in the game!

RoboHero combines business with chill-out! Become a part of the robotic world! Enter the metaverse and exchange your time for profits and fun!

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RoboHero- Best Blockchain Game

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